Prepare Yourself to Rent a Home

Once you’ve spent some time reviewing our listings and you’ve found a home to rent, make sure you’re qualified. We’re transparent and detailed, and you’ll find specific requirements that we’re looking for before we approve an application.

See Where We Stand When it Comes to Screening Standards

We’re ready to help you find a home no matter what your budget happens to be or how your lifestyle looks. There’s a home here for just about everyone. 

 To make sure you’re a good fit for the property you want, take some time to review our rental criteria. This will save you time chasing after homes that may not be the right match. 

 If you have any questions about your specific situation, don’t hesitate to get in touch. 

We will check your credit

We’re not necessarily looking for perfect credit, but we do want to see evidence of good financial management.

Income needs to be sufficient

We want to make sure you can pay rent on time every month, so we’ll ask about income and request some documentation.

Positive rental histories

What will former landlords say about you? We’re looking for reports that you paid rent on time, took care of the property, and followed the terms of your lease agreement. 

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