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39 years in the industry and counting.

Welcome to TradeMark Residential, your trusted leader in property management. With a remarkable 39 years in the industry, our family-owned business prides itself on a legacy of integrity, innovation, and personalized service. Experience the difference that nearly four decades of expertise can make. Join us on a journey that turns houses into homes.

Tailored Full-Coverage
Real Estate Management

Tailored Full-Coverage Real Estate Management represents a personalized approach to overseeing all aspects of real estate properties. Customized to the unique needs of each client, this service ensures comprehensive care, from tenant selection to maintenance, financial reporting, and legal compliance. It’s an all-encompassing strategy designed to optimize property value, enhance efficiency, and provide peace of mind, knowing that every detail is handled with precision and professionalism.

Markets we serve

Serving multiple markets in the southeast. From the Carolinas to the Georgia coast. Select a map pins below to learn more

A commitment to pay it forward

TradeMark Residential’s “Pay It Forward” initiative aims to contribute 40,000 hours of community service. With a commitment to enhancing the quality of life within our communities, we are building connections that go beyond properties and foster a spirit of unity and care.

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Great things in business are never done by one person. They’re done by a team of people. We have that dynamic group of peoples

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Lasting Impact: TradeMark Residential’s Partnership with Triangle Businesses for Good

At TradeMark Residential, we are committed to making a positive impact in our community. Our “Pay It Forward” initiative is a testament to this commitment, aiming to contribute 40,000 hours...

Exiting Property Management and Leaving a Legacy

By Are you a property management company owner contemplating exiting property management? The decision to step away from your business is monumental, and you likely have concerns about the future...

Investing in North Carolina’s Rental Market: Why Gen Z is the Demographic to Watch

The rental market is undergoing a significant transformation, driven in part by the preferences of Generation Z. According to a study by The Hill, over half of Gen Z sees...

Proven Ways to Improve Lease Renewal Rates and Keep Residents

In today’s competitive property management industry, retaining tenants is not just a goal but a critical business strategy. At TradeMark Residential, we understand the importance of tenant...

Effective Communication between Property Managers, Residents, & Owners During Hurricane Season in North Carolina

Communication during Hurricane Season in North Carolina Hurricane season in North Carolina brings forth challenges and uncertainties. The key to weathering the storm is effective communication between...

Trademark Careers

Are you ready for a fulfilling career in property management? At TradeMark Residential, we’re a family-owned business with a 39-year legacy. We prioritize the growth and development of our team members. Join us and experience a work environment where you’re more than an employee, you’re family.

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