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The Owner Resources section at TradeMark Residential is an invaluable online tool designed specifically for property owners under our management. This dedicated portal offers a wide array of resources, from comprehensive financial statements and maintenance tracking to important documents and community updates.

Our aim is to streamline communication, enhance transparency, and provide easy access to vital information, all in one centralized location. Whether you need quick insights into your property’s performance or want to stay informed about ongoing initiatives, the Owner Resources portal is your go-to source, reflecting our commitment to convenience and exceptional service.

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Rental payments can be made by the tenant through the tenant portal. How you receive your proceeds may vary based upon location or preference, please ask your local office for specific details.

Our success and client satisfaction hinge crucially on our ability to rent properties swiftly and proficiently. To ensure this, we advertise property vacancies on a multitude of prominent platforms, aiming to secure high-quality tenants in a timely manner.

Through their online portal, both tenants and owners have the facility to lodge a maintenance request. This portal gives them the convenience to detail the issue at hand and even upload relevant photos. We strive for absolute transparency in our maintenance procedures. We use a combination of in house qualified technicians and a vast network of approved vendors.

We strongly suggest employing our preferred service providers, who have been thoroughly evaluated for their professionalism, punctuality, and possession of appropriate licenses, as a strategy to reduce potential risks.

The majority of renters are pet owners. Allowing pets can boost the demand for your property from a larger pool of prospective tenants and can also enhance the monthly rental income. However, if you prefer not to permit pets, that’s perfectly fine. Your local office is equipped to offer more information on how to handle potential pet damage with tenants.

The leasing procedure is influenced by various factors such as the time of the year, local property availability, property condition, and its pricing. Usually, we are adept at sourcing qualified applicants promptly to fill vacancies. For specific details or assurances, we advise you to connect with your local office.

Just as the real estate market establishes sale prices, rental rates are determined by the local rental market. TradeMark Residential can offer a professional analysis of the market conditions.

Our tenant screening process is comprehensive, typically encompassing background, credit, and employment checks, but we delve even further. For more specific information, please contact your local office.

Our rigorous tenant screening process generally averts such situations, but in the event of an issue, we respond swiftly and assertively. The process of eviction can differ depending on the location, and we ensure all actions are in full accordance with legal standards.

Our online portal, accessible 24/7, streamlines your access to all information pertaining to your rental property swiftly and conveniently. Moreover, we also facilitate regular meetings with your dedicated property management team to ensure comprehensive communication and optimal property management.

The financial onus of covering repairs, including those categorized under normal “wear and tear,” falls on the property owner for their investment property. However, should the tenant be deemed responsible for causing damage or neglecting necessary property upkeep, our offices will take appropriate action to bill the tenant and ensure the owner is compensated accordingly.

We manage all aspects of the eviction process. The regulations governing evictions can differ by state and locality, and we ensure that all actions we undertake are in strict legal compliance. For information tailored to your specific area, we urge you to reach out to your property manager.