End to end services focused on your rental investments.

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Full Service Investment Management Solutions For Any Level Of Investor.

TradeMark believes in the value of robust and tailored real estate investment solutions, ensuring that every investor, regardless of their experience or investment level, can effectively navigate the property landscape.

Whether you are an accidential property landlord, an established savvy investor or part of an institutional capital or development firm, TradeMark Residential has the expertise and options you need to maximize your portfolio.

The TradeMark lifecycle

 Expert lifecycle management from acquisition, growth, and maintenance to strategic exits, maximizing property investment value.


Portfolio Growth & Screening

Grow your portfolio with tailored strategies and screened investments


Financial Analysis & Projections

Deep financial analysis and accurate future projections for real estate.


Underwriting & Budgeting

Thorough underwriting and detailed budget projections for property investment.


Property & Portfolio Takeovers

Strategic planning and efficient execution for successful property takeovers.


Full Service Property Management

Full-service property management for hassle-free residential ownership.


CapEx Project Management

Managing CapEx projects efficiently from planning to execution and review.


Financial Reporting & Benchmarks

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Exit Strategy Support

Strategizing optimal exit plans for properties to maximize investment returns.


Full Service Brokerage Services

Comprehensive brokerage services for buying, selling, and leasing properties.

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Raleigh, NC Property Management

Raleigh, NC

Raleigh, North Carolina, is a dynamic hub for technology, education, and culture in the Southeastern U.S.

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Durham, NC Property Management

Durham, NC

Durham, NC, renowned for its vibrant arts scene and historic tobacco industry, thrives with diversity.

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Charlotte, NC Property Management

Charlotte, NC

Charlotte, NC, a bustling finance center, offers a blend of modern cityscape and rich history.

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Wilmington, NC Property Management

Wilmington, NC

Wilmington, NC, known for its charming riverfront and historic coastal beauty, is a tourist delight.

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Savannah, GA Property Management

Savannah, GA

Savannah, GA, famed for its enchanting historic district and lush green squares, radiates charm.

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Atlanta, GA Property Management

Atlanta, GA

Atlanta, GA, a dynamic metropolis, is celebrated for its rich history and thriving cultural scene.

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Coming Soon Charleston, SC Property Management

Charleston, SC

Charleston, SC, its historic charm and coastal allure, is a jewel of the South.

Coming Soon
Additional Markets Property Management

And More...

Expanding our reach, offering expert property management in new markets.

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