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At TradeMark Residential, our mission transcends beyond mere business; it’s about creating connections, nurturing communities, and elevating lifestyles. We understand that homes are more than just structures; they are the foundation for dreams, memories, and aspirations.

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Since 1984 Trademark residential has grown in faith, values and size to deliver the most comprehensive real estate investment management services in the industry.

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TradeMark Residential has lead the industry since 1984.

In the noteworthy year of 1984, an era marked by big hair, bold colors, and the sound of synthesizers, TradeMark Residential was taking its first steps into the world of property management. This was a time when pop culture was brimming with iconic movies like Ghostbusters and Indiana Jones, the world was introduced to the Apple Macintosh computer, and music fans were ‘thrilled’ by Michael Jackson’s moonwalk. Amidst this vibrant backdrop, TradeMark Residential embarked on its journey, driven by a commitment to provide superior property management services.

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Jim Harris

CEO & Principal

Dena Daniels


Patrick Gocke

VP, Sales & Marketing

Kina Roberts

VP, Rental Homes

Robert Hodge

VP, Communities

Ed Batchelor


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