Analyzing the Current Rental Market with a Focus on Raleigh, NC

Analyzing the current rental market

The Rental Market Overview The rental market has been experiencing significant changes recently, with various cities across the United States seeing shifts in demand and popularity among renters. According to a recent report by RentCafe, the rental landscape is evolving, with the Midwest gaining prominence and Sun Belt destinations catching more attention. This shift is […]

TradeMark Residential Acquisition of Harrison Realty Group’s Rental Home Portfolio

TradeMark Residential Acquisition of Harrison Realty Group Property Management Portfilio

Elevating Property Management Through Strategic Acquisitions We’re thrilled to announce a pivotal development in the continued growth of TradeMark Residential. TradeMark Residential has successfully acquired the rental home portfolio of Harrison Realty Group. This acquisition is not just a business transaction but a harmonious merging of two companies with shared values, goals, and visions for […]