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NOTICE: The application process and timeline begins upon submission of the application!.

TradeMark Residential processes applications on a first-come first-serve basis and once an application is submitted, the rental home is taken off the market while the application is processed. As such, we must adhere to a strict timetable for processing applications.If your application requires additional documentation to move forward, you will need to provide this within 24 hours from the time of the request or your application will be cancelled without additional notification.

Once approved, you will have 48 hours from notification to remit the security deposit and for ALL PARTIES TO SIGN THE LEASE.

If your lease requires guarantors we will need all guarantors to sign the lease within the above time frame as well.

If any of the timelines are not met, your application will be cancelled and the rental home will be placed back on the market and will be open for new applications. If you wish to have your cancelled application reconsidered and it has not been longer than 30 days and the property to which you have applied is still available, we can restart the process from the point it left off.


Upon approval and execution of the lease the following fees and payments will be required and due at move in. You will receive notification of these fees and payments specific to your application prior to move in.

  • Pro Rate or 1st months rent (Depending on your move in date)
  • $200 Administrative Fee
  • Non-Refundable Pet Fee (If Applicable)
  • Pet Rent (If Applicable)

Contact Us | (919)510-4010 |
Contact Us | (919)510-4010 |