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Want to Be Smart With Your Rental Property? 4 Tax Basics You Need to Know

Rental property can be a winner or a costly loser in your portfolio unless you know the rules. When you buy rental properties and lease to tenants, you hope to collect rent that will cover the cost of the mortgage and home repairs, while also allowing you to own the property with little to no […]read more
Statue of man standing with Raleigh NC downtown in the background seen from behind

This is why Raleigh is growing so fast

To anyone who has lived in the Triangle area for at least ten years, it is clear that things have changed dramatically during that time period. Due to attractions that include world-class museums and abundant outdoor activities, as well as an affordable cost of living, the local population has boomed. In fact, according to new data, […]read more
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Tenants are responsible for these five maintenance repairs

Maintenance is an issue all property owners must face, and it’s likely going to be the focus of quite a few conversations between landlords and tenants. Put simply, things break, get dirty and need to be fixed. Yet no one really enjoys that last part.  We’ve blogged before about the balancing act landlords and tenants […]read more
Colorful assortment of fruits and vegtables in market

Here Are the Top Farmers Markets in the Triangle

As we enter May, the temperatures are heating up, and Triangle residents are spending more time outdoors. With Memorial Day just around the corner, you may already be thinking about pulling off that perfect backyard barbecue, with homemade potato salad, fresh watermelon and succulent collard greens. To gather the best ingredients, it’s a great idea […]read more
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High resident turnover rate? Here’s what to do.

Except in rare circumstances, losing residents is never good for your business. New recruitment costs include advertising and marketing fees, as well as pricey background checks needed for the screening process. Additionally, you’ll need to spend time on administrative work, taking away from your ability to manage current residents.  Even worse is that vacancies do […]read more